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Managing ABL Applications
R-code Features and Functions : Procedure libraries

Procedure libraries

You can organize and store r-code files in an ABL procedure library. An ABL procedure library is a collection of r-code and images combined in a single file. Procedure libraries allow you to manage and execute r-code more efficiently. You create procedure libraries by using the PROLIB utility.
Note: OpenEdge can only make use of r-code and images within a procedure library. It is technically possible to include other types of files in a procedure library. However, the user would need to extract them from the library before making use of them.
OpenEdge provides two types of procedure libraries: standard and memory-mapped. A standard library contains r-code that execute in local memory. A memory-mapped library contains r-code that execute in shared memory.
For information about using the PROLIB utility to create procedure libraries, see Managing Procedure Libraries.