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DataServer for Oracle
Configuring the DataServer : Creating, Maintaining, and Deploying a schema holder

Creating, Maintaining, and Deploying a schema holder

The schema holder is the next component of the DataServer architecture that you have to build. The schema holder holds the data definitions of the supporting Oracle database.
To create a schema holder:
1. Start an Oracle instance for the supporting database.
2. Start the OpenEdge client. If you are using a remote DataServer, you must start both the broker and client processes.
3. Create and connect an empty OpenEdge database.
4. Create a schema holder.
The following sections describe these steps in more detail.
* Schema holder security
* Running Oracle
* Starting the DataServer processes
* Starting ProBroker distributed DataServer broker with SSL-enabled Progress Networking
* Creating an empty OpenEdge database
* Using the DataServer utility to create a schema image
* Maintaining a schema holder
* Deploying a schema holder
* Setting up a schema holder as a Windows service