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DataServer for Oracle
Configuring the DataServer : Creating, Maintaining, and Deploying a schema holder : Creating an empty OpenEdge database

Creating an empty OpenEdge database

The DataServer uses the empty database as a schema holder for your Oracle data definitions. This section describes how to create a database with the Data Admin Tool. See OpenEdge Data Management: Database Administration for other techniques. This example uses Windows, but you can follow the same steps if you are using OpenEdge with a character-based interface, since the screens prompt for the same information. If you create a new OpenEdge application to be Unicode-enabled, ensure that you create the database from a Unicode source. A copy of the empty OpenEdge UTF-8 database can be obtained from $DLC/prolang/utf/empty.
To create and connect an empty OpenEdge database on a client machine:
1. Start the OpenEdge Procedure Editor with no database connected and access the Data Admin Tool.
2. Select Database > Create. The Create Database dialog box appears:
3. Type the schema-holder name, for example oholder, in the New Physical Database Name field.
4. Select An EMPTY Database.
5. Choose OK. The Connect Database dialog box appears. By default, the name of the newly created database appears in the Physical Name field:
Note: You do not have to provide any additional connection information. See OpenEdge Data Management: Database Administration for a complete description of the Connect Database dialog box.
6. Choose OK to connect the empty OpenEdge database and return to the Data Admin main window.