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DataServer for Oracle
Configuring the DataServer : Creating, Maintaining, and Deploying a schema holder : Running Oracle

Running Oracle

An instance must be running for the Oracle database whose definitions make up the DataServer schema image. Before starting Oracle, you must set environment variables on your host machine.
To set environment variables on your host machine and run Oracle:
1. Set the ORACLE_HOME variable to the main Oracle directory.
2. Set the ORACLE_SID variable to the Oracle system identifier.
Note: A process can have the ORACLE_SID set to only one value at a time. If you want to access multiple Oracle databases on the same machine, set an ORACLE_SID variable to a different value for each database. Then create a separate broker for each database with the ORACLE_SID variable set to the matching value for each database. For more information, see the Oracle documentation for your machine type.
3. Start an Oracle instance for the target Oracle database.