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Developing BPM Applications with Developer Studio
Managing messages and channels : Using the Message Manager

Using the Message Manager

You can use the Message Manager to create messages and define the following message properties.
*Message template (or the body of the message).
*Message header data that can be used to identify the message, for instance, the receiver process ID or Email ID.
*Payload properties that specifies the actual XML message content.
*Message correlation mechanism to identify the workstep instance to which the message is to be delivered.
To open the Message Manager:
1. From the Tools menu, click Messages, opening the Message Manager dialog box, which displays messages (if any) in the Messages section.
2. To define a new message, click New, opening the Add New Message dialog box.
3. Enter the message name in the Message Name box, and a description of the message in the Description box.
4. Define the other properties of the message, as described in the following sections.
* Defining the message template
* Defining the message header
* Defining payload properties
* Defining message correlation
* Exporting and importing messages