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Developing BPM Applications with Developer Studio
Managing messages and channels : Using the Message Manager : Defining the message header

Defining the message header

You can use the Header tab to define the header for the message. The header contains data that can be used to identify the message. By default, Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge provides 13 predefined headers — five of these headers are displayed in the Header tab, the remaining eight can be added to the Header tab.
To add headers:
1. From the Header tab, click Add, opening the Add Header Property dialog box.
2. Select the System Property checkbox to add more predefined headers to the message.
The Name box now displays a drop-down list containing eight more header types including ReceiverTaskName, ReceiverPriority, and SenderEmail. Since these headers are predefined, the Type box is disabled.
3. To define your own header, clear the System Property checkbox. Enter a name for the header in the Name box and choose a type from the Type drop-down list.
4. Click OK to add the header to the list in the Header tab.
Note: To remove a header, select the header in the Header tab and click Remove. You can only modify your defined header. To do so, select your header and click Modify.