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Developing BPM Applications with Developer Studio
Managing messages and channels : Using the Message Manager : Defining message correlation

Defining message correlation

You can use the Correlation tab to define a correlation with the Payload Property defined in the previous tab. You need to define Message correlation to identify the workstep instance to which the message is to be delivered. Message Correlation is based on the comparison of payload data with the dataslot values.
To add correlation properties:
1. From the Correlation tab, click Add to open the Add Correlation Properties dialog box.
2. Enter a name for the Correlation in the Name box.
3. Select the Payload Property from the Payload Property drop-down list. The list displays the payload properties defined in the Payload tab, as well as the header defined in the Header tab.
4. Click OK to add the Correlation in the table in the Correlation tab.
Note: If required, you can use the Namespaces tab to define additional namespaces.
5. After defining the message properties, click OK to add the message to the Message Manager dialog box. An Information prompt appears, informing you that the *.xml file containing the message has been saved to the Workspace_Home\\messaging\messages folder and that you can export it to the server. Click OK.
Note: To modify an existing message in the Message Manager, select it and click Edit, opening the Edit Message dialog box, which is similar to the Add New Message dialog box. To remove a message from the Message Manager, select it and click Delete in the Local section.