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Developing BPM Applications with Developer Studio
Managing messages and channels : Using the Message Manager : Defining payload properties

Defining payload properties

You can use the Payload tab to provide the informational content, or the body, of the message. You must enter payload information in the Payload table. If no payload information is shown, click Add to open the Add Payload Property dialog box, where you can define the payload properties.
1. Enter the payload name in the Name box.
2. Depending on the type of information in the payload, select the type for the payload from the Type drop-down list. For example, select java.lang.String for textual content, and int for basic numerical content.
3. Enter an XPath expression in the XPath Expression box.
Alternatively, from the Tree View tab, click the expression in the XPath tag to display it in the XPath Expression box. Click Evaluate to see if there are matches to the String Content.
You can view the payload as a Tree View or XML Source by opening the respective tabs.
4. Click OK to add the payload property to the Payload tab.