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Developing BPM Applications with Developer Studio
Setting workstep properties : Defining properties of Activity worksteps : Using Advanced tab of Activity workstep properties

Using Advanced tab of Activity workstep properties

You can use the Advanced tab to configure advanced events for the Activity workstep on activation, before activation, on completion, when overdue, when an error occurs and on recovery.
The Advanced tab in the Properties view for a Business Process consists of six tabs, namely: Before Activation, On Activation, When Completed, Overdue Actions, On Error, and On Recovery. By default, the Advanced tab displays the Before Activation tab. Activity worksteps in Web applications have Before Activation and When Completed tabs (similar to those for the Start workstep).
* Before workstep activation
* On workstep activation
* On workstep completion
* Adding overdue actions
* For the last overdue action
* On workstep error
* On workstep recovery
* Excluding a performer