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Developing BPM Applications with Developer Studio
Setting workstep properties : Defining properties of Activity worksteps : Using Advanced tab of Activity workstep properties : On workstep activation
On workstep activation
You can use the On Activation tab to configure procedures that occur when the Activity workstep is initially activated. This tab includes three sections namely, Exclude performers, Synchronization, and Rollback.
You can perform the following steps:
1. Use the Exclude Performers section to designate performers which you want to exclude from performing the current workstep. For more information, see Excluding a performer.
2. From the Synchronization section, select the Send e-mail to performer and complete if answered check box to send an e-mail to the performer of the workstep when it is activated.
If the performer answers the e-mail, the workstep is considered to be completed; or the performer can go to the Home module in Business Process Portal and complete the task there.
Note: Make sure the e-mail address you entered is valid. No action will be taken, and no errors logged, if the e-mail address is invalid.
3. In the Rollback section, select the Create rollback point check box to designate this workstep as the rollback point from which the workflow will be restarted in the event of an error or system crash. For more information, see Defining a Rollback.