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Developing BPM Applications with Developer Studio
Setting workstep properties : Defining properties of Activity worksteps : Using Advanced tab of Activity workstep properties : Excluding a performer
Excluding a performer
BPM Designer allows you to exclude a performer of a previously executed workstep in a process template from any human-performed workstep that is performed by a queue. Excluded performers can include valid BPM Designer users, dataslots that return users, and EJB applications that return users. Excluded performers cannot include groups or queues.
By introducing the excluded performer concept, BPM Designer supports the Four-Eyes Principle. In business processes, the Four-Eyes Principle states that the performer of one workstep should be excluded from acting as the performer of a subsequent workstep, even if that performer is a member of a group or queue that can perform the workstep. For example, if a manager creates a purchase request, then the same manager should not be able to approve the purchase request, and should be excluded from any performer list for the approval workstep.
Note: An exception in excluding performers occurs if a performer has been excluded from a workstep, but then that task has been delegated to the same performer in Business Process Portal. In this case, the performer can undertake and complete the delegated task.
To exclude a performer from an Activity workstep in a Business Process:
1. From the Advanced tab of the workstep's Properties view, click the On Activation tab.
2. From the Exclude Performers section, click Add to open the Performer Exclusion dialog box, in which you can select the performer to be excluded.
3. You can either exclude a specific performer or a performer of a previously executed workstep.
a. To exclude a specific performer:
*Select the Performer by name option from the Exclude: list.
*Click the ellipsis button beside the Performer box, to open the Performer dialog box.
*From the complete list of performers listed , select the performer to be excluded, then click OK, to return to the Performer Exclusion dialog box.
a. To exclude the performer of a previously executed workstep in the process, select the Performer of another workstep option from the Exclude: list, then select the previous workstep from those listed in the Workstep list. This feature does not work if you try to exclude the performer of a succeeding workstep that has not yet been executed.
4. Click OK to add the excluded performer. You can add as many performers as required to the Exclude Performers table.