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Developing BPM Applications with Developer Studio
Setting workstep properties : Defining properties of Activity worksteps : Using Advanced tab of Activity workstep properties : For the last overdue action
For the last overdue action
You can use the On last overdue section in the Overdue Actions tab to define last overdue actions.
To execute an On last overdue action:
1. To change the performer for the last execution of an Overdue action, select the Change performer checkbox. Click the ellipsis button to open the Change Performer dialog box, in which you can define the next performer.
2. To force the completion of the workstep on the last time of an Overdue action, select the Complete workstep checkbox.
3. When a connector from the Activity workstep is of the Timeout Flow type, the Activate Timeout Flow checkbox is enabled. The Timeout Flow indicates the direction of a work flow after Overdue Actions have been executed and the Last Overdue action is completed. For more information on Timeout Flow, see Defining a Timeout in worksteps.