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Developing BPM Applications with Developer Studio
Setting workstep properties : Defining a Timeout in worksteps

Defining a Timeout in worksteps

You can use the Timeout feature to indicate the direction of a process workflow after Overdue Actions for the workstep have been executed and the Last Overdue action is completed.
To define a Timeout:
1. Click the Connect Shapes link in the Tasks pane, to display the three supported Flow types.
2. Click the Draw time-out flow connectors () icon and connect the workstep that begins the timeout flow to the next workstep in the timeout workflow.
In the example shown in the Figure 14, Activity 2 initiates the timeout and Activity 3 is the next step in the Timeout flow. The source workstep of a Timeout Flow is marked with a . The Activate timeout flow checkbox in the On Overdue tab of the Advanced tab of the target workstep’s Properties view is automatically activated.
3. To remove the Timeout Flow, clear the Activate timeout flow checkbox, or right-click the Timeout Flow connector and click Remove.