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Business Process Portal User's Guide
Setting Preferences : Filters : Managing filters

Managing filters

The Filter List page displays information about the available filters including the filters defined by you. It displays all filters created by you and the following information about each filter as described in Table 19:
Table 19. My Application list information
Displays "All" for filters created for all applications. For application-specific filters, the name of the application is displayed.
Displays the version name. This helps you to sort the records based on version name.
The name of the filter.
Additional information about a filter.
Filter Type
Type of filter: Global Filter / My Filter. Only My Filter type filters are editable.
To manage the contents of the list, you can filter and sort them. You can use filters for any one of the following combinations:
*All applications (By default only all versions option is available)
*All versions of a particular application
*Particular version of a particular application
To navigate through the pages, you can use the paging controls. For more details about these operations, see Exploring Business Process Portal.
From the Filter List page, you can perform the following operations:
*Add a new filter, as described in Adding My Filters.
*Copy an existing filter, as described in Copying My Filters.
*Modify an existing filter, as described in Modifying My Filters.
*Delete a filter as described in Deleting My Filters.