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Business Process Portal User's Guide
Setting Preferences : Filters


Business Process Portal provides predefined Global Filters for the most common filtering conditions. Your Business Process Server Administrator can add Admin Filters, that can be used across your organization. In your filter list, both the Global Filters and the Admin Filters appear as Global Filters.
In addition to these, you can also create filters to suite your own requirements. Such filters are listed as My Filters.
All these filters are listed in the Filter drop-down list on other pages. The Global Filters are accessible to all users, while My Filters are accessible only to the user who creates them. Therefore, the list of My Filters may vary from user to user.
As an application user, you can use all the types of filters. You can also copy them to be used as your own filters. However, you cannot edit or delete the Global Filters.
* Viewing filters
* Managing filters
* Adding My Filters
* Copying My Filters
* Modifying My Filters
* Deleting My Filters