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Business Process Portal Administrator's Guide
Configuring BP Server

Configuring BP Server

As the Business Process Server administrator, you are responsible for loading business processes and maintaining BP Server. The BP Server executes the business process flow and provides the following components:
*BPM Process Store. An open repository of e-business information collected from different modules of Business Process Server as well as processing events and populating the Business Process Server system tables.
*Email Server. The location where BP Server stores e-mail account information and parameters.
*Event Publisher. The JMS-based framework used in BP Server for publishing events to a user defined queue or topic.
*BP Server Admin. The command line interface for administering BP Server.
This chapter explains the role of BP Server in Business Process Server and describes how to configure BP Server, BPM Process Store, Email Server, and Event Publisher using the Configuration interface in the Administration module of Business Process Portal. This chapter also describes how to publish BP Server applications using BP Server Admin and presents a list of commands along with a troubleshooting section.
Note: To install applications using the Administration module, refer to Managing applications for more details.
* Understanding the role of BP Server
* BP Server property files
* Publishing BP Server applications
* Using the BP Server configuration interface
* Using the BPM Process Store configuration interface
* Using the email server configuration interface
* Using BP Server admin
* Troubleshooting BP Server configuration