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Business Process Portal Administrator's Guide
Configuring BP Server : Troubleshooting BP Server configuration

Troubleshooting BP Server configuration

This section answers the most frequently asked questions about troubleshooting BP Server configuration.


Table 17. Troubleshooting BP Server configuration
I cannot start BP Server.
Check the version of your JDK and make sure that the CLASSPATH for the JDK is set properly.
The Web API was deprecated for version 3.0. What can I use for similar functionality?
The three Web API servlets were BLPT (completing a step from the Web), BLST (checking the status of the Web process) and BLCP (creating a Web process instance). Use the WebApp worksteps with e-mail performers to replace BLPT functionality. Implement BLST as a Web application using Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge. A Web application designed by OpenEdge can use the PAKcreatePI adapter to implement similar functionality to BLCP.
BP Server generates a core dump or presents a java.lang.StackOverflow error when working with large XML files.
Sun’s implementation of the Java Virtual Machine in JDK releases 1.0.2 and 1.1, and the Java 2 SDK, Standard Edition v1.2, allocate fixed-size native method stacks of a single size. You can set the size of the native method stacks on virtual machine start-up using the "-ss" flag.
Applications created through BP Server Admin could not be uninstalled through Administration, even though I received a Done message.
Check if instances are still running, otherwise the application will not uninstall. Remove instances using BP Server Admin and remove the application using Administration.
Security properties are not found using defaults after starting BPM Process Store, BP Server, or BP Server Admin.
Check if you have entered the utility startOEBPS -c BPServer|BPMProcessStore at your system’s command prompt. If started from the command prompt, then shutdown all the components started individually. Then start Business Process Server by Start > Programs > Progress > OpenEdge > BP Server > BP Servers > Start Business Process Server. Do not start components individually from the command prompt.
What if the e-mail support raises a security exception?
Open the file and find the BPServer.EmailServer.UniqueID parameter. Set to False to flush process instances and remove the e-mail security exception. Set to True enables the security feature. The default is set to True.
What causes a gap that sometimes occurs in ID sequence in the process instance ID or process template ID in BP Server?
BP Server uses a sequence tool to generate IDs for process template and process instance. For every sequence, such as process instance sequence, BP Server caches 10 numbers in memory in order to avoid too frequent database access. If you stop the server or the server crashes, then all the cache numbers are lost from memory. This is a common behavior.