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Business Process Portal Administrator's Guide
Configuring BP Server : BP Server property files

BP Server property files

The following BP Server properties are found in the OEBPS_HOME\conf directory. Defines the properties of target application servers. For each application server, a set of properties is defined, such as initial_factory, provider_url, principal, credentials, jndi-prefixes, and others. The default application server and default JMS server names specified in the property file by the installer applies to the current installation.
This file also contains for JMS provider.
You can also use this file to specify for Local EJB or Remote EJB invocations. The format of the entries in this file is as follows:
<jndiName>=<fully qualified class name>
For example:
testJndiName=com.savvion.sbm.PurchaseOrder This file specifies the database properties of the target database set for the current installation. The name of transactional data source of BP Server, database user and password and other properties is also specified in this document. This file defines data for e-mail protocol, the IMAP server, e-mail ids, and the temporary location for document downloading and other properties.
oebps.conf. This file defines all property file names used by the BP server; also defines values for the SMTP server (set by installer), Business Process Server application home directory and other properties. Do not change these property values.