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Business Process Portal Administrator's Guide
Configuring BP Server : Using the BPM Process Store configuration interface

Using the BPM Process Store configuration interface

The BPM Process Store configuration file specifies how the BPM Process Store daemon is running. You specify the time interval that the daemon wakes up, the number of events processed for each execution, and what kind of logging is necessary. Another parameter is included to control how often the dashboard population thread wakes up.
Business Process Server stores the configuration parameters for BPM Process Store in the bpmprocessstore.conf file, located in the OEBPS_HOME\conf directory.
If you want to change the log level for BPM Process Store, then you can change it in the oebpslog.conf file in the OEBPS_HOME\conf directory, but you must also make sure to navigate to the bpmprocessstore.conf file in the OEBPS_HOME\conf directory, and change the settings for the following parameters to ‘true’, as shown in the following example (for more information, see Using the log configuration interface):
By default, BPM Process Store does not send queries and perform calculations related to resources, worktime, and wait time to improve performance by avoiding unnecessary calculations. However, if you want BPM Process Store to perform these calculations, then in the bpmprocessstore.conf file set the bpmprocessstore.resource.usage parameter to true.
After you make these changes, you can reload these parameters without restarting the server by using the BPM Process Store utility. For more details, see Reloading the configuration parameters.
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