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Business Process Portal Administrator's Guide
Using the Log Viewer : Configuring the log : Using the log configuration interface

Using the log configuration interface

Business Process Server stores the priorities for the log level in the oebpslog.conf file, located in the OEBPS_HOME\conf directory. Business Process Server allows you to change the parameters through the Log configuration interface, as shown in Configuring the log from Business Process Portal. To see additional parameters that are not visible in the interface, refer to the oebpslog.conf file.
You may adjust log levels in oebpslog.conf under one of the categories listed on the previous page (Business Process Portal modules, BPM Process Store, BPM Events, Archiver, etc.). You can assign one of the following priorities (‘debug’ is the lowest priority and ‘fatal’ is the highest):
*Debug. Provides fine-grained information events that are most useful in debugging an application.
*Info. Provides coarse-grained information events that highlight the progress of an application
*Warn. Indicates potentially harmful situations.
*Error. Indicates error events that might still allow the application to continue.
*Fatal. Indicates very severe events that can presumably cause the application to abort.
If you want to change the log level for BPM Process Store, BP Server, Archiver or Event Publisher, then you must also navigate to the *.conf file for the category (for example, bpmprocessstore.conf in the OEBPS_HOME\conf directory) and change the settings for the following parameters (if they are present) to ‘true’, as shown in the following example for the BPM Process Store category: