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User's Guide
Developing Business Process Modeler projects : Managing multiple processes

Managing multiple processes

In Business Process Modeler, you can create multiple BPM processes or web application modules within an existing or (new) BPM project. In the Project Explorer view, all the resources or files pertaining to a process or a web application module are stored in a folder with the same name as the process within the project directory.
For instance, if you create a BPM project, "project1" (as discussed in Creating a BPM project), a default process, "project1" is created. You can add additional processes (for example, "process1" and "process2") to this project. After adding, you can view the files of the added processes in separate folders within the "project1" project folder in the Project Explorer view.
With multiple process support in a BPM project, each new process acts as a separate project module, and all the properties related to a particular process are stored within the module definition.
You can create any number of processes (within Eclipse capability) in a BPM project. You can also delete added processes from a project. Deleting a process deletes all the resources associated with that particular process from the project directory.
* Importing a process file
* Adding a new BPM process
* Adding a new Web application