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User's Guide
Developing Business Process Modeler projects : Managing multiple processes : Importing a process file

Importing a process file

Business Process Modeler provides the Import functionality, which enables you to import external projects into your current workspace. You can also extract an archive file as a project into your workspace.
To import a project:
1. From File menu, click Import Projects into Workspace to launch the Import wizard.
2. To navigate to existing projects, click Browse beside the Select root directory option to open the Browse for Folder dialog box.
Alternatively, select the Select archive file option and click Browse to navigate to any of the supported archive files to import. Click OK to return to the Import dialog box.
3. From the Projects section, select the project(s) to be imported into your workspace. You can select one, many, or all projects.
4. Select the Copy projects into workspace checkbox (available only for Select root directory option) to create a copy of the external projects in your workspace.
5. Click Finish to start the import.
The application appears in the Project Explorer View.
6. Expand the application folder displaying the SPT or SWT file in the processtemplates folder. Double-click the file to display it in the Content pane.