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User's Guide
Developing Business Process Modeler projects : Creating a BPM project

Creating a BPM project

To create a BPM project:
1. From the File menu, select New > BPM Project to launch the BPM Project wizard.
2. From the first page of the BPM Project wizard, enter the name of the new project in the Project name box. The name can contain only alphanumeric characters, and must not contain blank spaces or special characters, except underscores (“_”). Project name must start with an alphabetic character.
Note: The maximum length of the project name is 26 characters.
3. By default, the project is stored in the default workspace folder. To choose another location, clear the Use default location checkbox, and then click Browse to choose another location.
4. From the Project type configuration drop-down list, select the type of configuration (or facet) to be associated with this project. The available options are:
*Process: to associate a BPM process facet with this project.
*Web Application: to associate a web application facet with this project.
5. Click Next to continue. The remaining pages of the BPM Project wizard varies according to the project type configuration selected. To complete the BPM Project wizard, refer to the appropriate section provided in Table 10.
Table 10. Types of projects
Project Type
Web application
* Creating a BPM process
* Creating a Web application