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User's Guide
Developing Business Process Modeler projects : Creating a BPM project : Creating a Web application

Creating a Web application

You can use a Web application to:
*Develop a process that can be integrated as an individual workstep into a complex BPM process. For instance, an approval process that requires several levels of management review and approval, can be defined as a Web application. It can be then used as a single workstep in a process template: thus you can save development time and computer overhead.
*Develop a stand-alone process that may include adapters to access BP Server server and other external sources.
*Replace the Start workstep in a process template.
You can use the BPM Project wizard to create a Web application.
To create a Web application:
1. From the first page of the BPM Project wizard, select Web Application from the Process type configuration drop-down list.
2. Click Next to open the Web Application page.
If you want to use an existing process as a template to design a new process, from the Template section, select one of the following options:
*Use an existing file from file system as template , then click Browse to navigate to an existing file (e.g., BS_SVBSurvey.swt) located in your workspace folder that you can use as a template for your new application. For more information on using a template to create an application, see Using a process file as a template.
We recommend using an existing SWT file as a template for creating the new process. The SWT file contains the process template and all associated forms. The XML file is a basic version that does not contain associated forms.
*Use an existing web application from workspace as template, then click Browse to select an existing Web application project in the Project Explorer that you can use as a template for your new process. For information on using an existing project as a template, see Using a project as a template.
*Use a Microsoft Project file as template, then click Browse to navigate to a Microsoft Project file (*.mp), which you can as a process for your application.
3. Click Next to open the Web application properties page, in which you can modify the name of web application, and enter optional information like label, category, sub-category, and author in the respective boxes. For details regarding this information, refer to Creating a BPM process.
4. Click Next to open the Add Web Application module to Business Process Server(s) page of the BPM Project wizard.
If you want to publish the Web application as a module on any connected Business Process Server from the Servers view, select the server (if defined) from the Available Business Process Server(s) section. This step is optional.
5. Click Next to open the Web Application Description page of the BPM Project wizard, in which you can enter the description of the Web application. This is optional.
6. Click Finish to complete the creation of a Web application.