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User's Guide
Developing Business Process Modeler projects : Managing multiple processes : Adding a new BPM process

Adding a new BPM process

You can create a BPM process and add it to an existing BPM project.
1. From the File menu, select New > Process Model. The BPM Process wizard appears.
2. In the Project name box, you must specify the BPM project to which you want to add this BPM process.
a. Click Browse beside the Project name box to open the Select Project dialog box, which lists the existing BPM projects.
b. Select the BPM project to which you want to add the process, then click OK. The selected BPM project is displayed in the Project name box.
3. Complete the rest of instructions in the BPM Process wizard, as described in Creating a BPM process .
On completion of this wizard, the new process is added and displayed in the specified BPM project folder structure in the Project Explorer view.