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Customization Guide
Customizing the Business Process Portal look and feel

Customizing the Business Process Portal look and feel

Business Process Server provides Business Process Portal with a default look and feel, which you can customize to meet the customer requirement. Quite often this need arises when an organization wishes for a look and feel consistent with its own corporate standards.
Business Process Portal uses themes to manage the look and feel. A theme provides visually consistent color, color gradients, background; and a related set of icons and buttons. The Business Process Server default theme is named theme01, which has a complementary application-specific theme called apptheme01.
The Task Details page, the Business Process Server Applications page and other pages in your applications use apptheme01 as the default application theme. The out-of-box Business Process Portal uses the same look and feel for theme01 and apptheme01. However, you can retain the default theme01, and use another theme for all application pages. The utilities such as calendar invoked from these two pages also use apptheme01.
While customizing the look and feel, you have two options:
*Retain the current theme and modify the existing stylesheets
*Design a new theme with modified stylesheets.
If you need to change only a few screen elements, modifying the existing stylesheets is an easier option. On the other hand, if you expect major changes in the look and feel, we recommend that you design a new theme.
* Screen layout
* Modifying stylesheets
* Customization guidelines
* Modifying the files
* Customized view
* Customizing themes
* Customizing AppThemes