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Customization Guide
Customizing the Business Process Portal look and feel : Customizing themes

Customizing themes

The Business Process Portal look and feel is set by using themes. A theme provides visually consistent color, color gradients, background; and a related set of icons and buttons. We recommend that you first design a theme conforming to the customer’s corporate brand and then apply it to the Business Process Portal. However, it requires substantial efforts, and should be done only in consultation with Progress OpenEdge.
Designing a theme involves:
*Arriving at a template taking reference of the organization, its brand, internal style guide, intranet, and corporate website.
*Designing the required graphics, icons, and buttons.
*Testing with different browsers.
*Ensuring that the documentation is consistent with the new screen layout.
It is always a good idea to apply the theme to a few sample pages and then fine tune the design.