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Customization Guide
Customizing the Business Process Portal look and feel : Modifying the files

Modifying the files

You can do customization by modifying the files as explained in the following procedure.
1. Before changing the logo, view any page and open its source file to check for places where a logo is used (include_menu_static.jsp). Note all the instances.
The image bpmportal_logo_ie6.gif defines the logo appearing in the top left corner. Also check if any other variation of logo is used. In this case,progress_savvion_busimanager_ie6.gif is used for the Login page (login.jsp).
2. To change the Business Process Server logo to a customer's corporate logo, open <App server specific folder>\sbm\bpmportal\css\theme01\bm-all.css file, and change the following style:
.logoImage {
background: transparent url(images/bpmportal_logo_ie6.gif) no-repeat scroll top left;
float: left;
width: 390px;
height: 32px;
padding-top: 20px
3. Replace bpmportal_logo_ie6.gif with your company logo. For changing logo in the main login page, you need to replace progress_savvion_busimanager_ie6.gif file in images directory with your corporate logo.
Ensure that the background is consistent with the current settings.
Note: For any alteration in images, maintain their existing size in pixels. Any deviation will disturb the placement of other screen elements.
4. Go to, <App server specific folder>\sbm\bpmportal\css\theme01 and locate and replace the following classes with the reference to corresponding image icons:
Note: For any changes in fonts, maintain the existing size. Any deviation will disturb the placement of other screen elements.
5. To change the style of the command buttons, first view any page and open its source file. In this example, Task List page is used. Search for the string "Complete", which is the button title in this page.
The classes associated with the Complete button are ScrnButtonHover, ScrnButton, and ScrnButtonDis in the bm-all.css.
6. Go to, <App server specific folder>\sbm\bpmportal\css\theme01and locate these classes:
These classes are located in bm-all.css. Edit as per your requirement.
Also change the scrn_button.gif, scrn_button_dis.gif, and scrn_button_hvr.gif images.
Note: In certain themes, the background color may have a gradient, and the buttons use images to define the background. In such cases, three different images will be associated with the button for three different states - normal, disabled, and on mouseover. You can locate these images in the subfolder \images, and edit as required.