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Customization Guide
Customizing the Business Process Portal look and feel : Screen layout

Screen layout

All the web pages of Business Process Portal are designed with standard screen areas. The idea behind it is to separate the static and dynamic contents, and control the navigation correctly. The following figure shows the main elements in a typical page in Business Process Portal.
Note: The screens in this chapter are taken using a particular theme. Your Business Process Server look and feel will vary depending on the theme your administrator has set for your organization.

Business Process Portal screen layout

Figure 6. Business Process Portal screen layout
The screen areas are listed in the following table.
Table 10. Business Process Portal screen areas
Screen Areas
Module Tab
Features related to specific module are grouped under Module Tab. Each Module Tab has its Module Menu.
Module Menu
Features related to specific module are listed under Module Tab as Module Menu.
Global Links
These links located in the top right corner of every page that are available at all times during the session.
Link Trail
Link Trail shows the pages you navigated through to reach the current page. You can also click any link in the link trail and go back to that page.
Data is displayed in the Workspace. Data is either displayed as Forms or List.
Paging Control
The Paging Control is located immediately above and below the list, and allows navigation through the pages of the current list.
Filter Bar
This bar provides settings for filters so that the screen clutter is reduced and only the relevant data is displayed.
Search Bar
Search Bar allows specifying text to locate it in the list.
Command Button
The commands that help you interact with the data are represented by Command Buttons.