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DataDirect Test Tutorial

This DataDirect Test tutorial explains how to use the most important features of DataDirect Test (and the JDBC API) and assumes that you can connect to a database with the standard available demo table or fine-tune the sample SQL statements shown in this example as appropriate for your environment.
Note: The tutorial describes functionality across a spectrum of data stores. In some cases, the functionality described may not apply to the driver or data store you are using. Additionally, examples are drawn from a variety of drivers and data stores.
Note: The step-by-step examples used in this tutorial do not show typical clean-up routines (for example, closing result sets and connections). These steps have been omitted to simplify the examples. Do not forget to add these steps when you use equivalent code in your applications.
* Configuring DataDirect Test
* Starting DataDirect Test
* Connecting Using DataDirect Test
* Executing a Simple Select Statement
* Executing a Prepared Statement
* Retrieving Database Metadata
* Scrolling Through a Result Set
* Batch Execution on a Prepared Statement
* Returning ParameterMetaData
* Establishing Savepoints
* Updatable Result Sets
* Retrieving Large Object Data