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Using the Driver

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Using the Driver

This section provides information on how to connect to your data store using either the JDBC Driver Manager or DataDirect JDBC data sources, as well as information on how to implement and use functionality supported by the driver.
* Required Permissions for Java Platform
* Connecting from an Application
* Using Connection Properties
* Performance Considerations
* Using Data Encryption
* Using Authentication
* Using Client Information
* IP Addresses
* Parameter Metadata Support
* ResultSet Metadata Support
* Isolation Levels
* Unicode
* Error Handling
* Large Object Support
* Rowset Support
* Timeouts
* Views
* SQL Escape Sequences
* Using Scrollable Cursors
* Spark SQL Compatibility with Apache Hive
* Stored Procedures
* Connection Pool Manager
* Statement Pool Monitor
* DataDirect Test
* Tracking JDBC Calls with DataDirect Spy