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Using the Driver : Tracking JDBC Calls with DataDirect Spy

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Tracking JDBC Calls with DataDirect Spy

DataDirect Spy is functionality that is built into the drivers. It is used to log detailed information about calls your driver makes and provide information you can use for troubleshooting. DataDirect Spy provides the following advantages:
*Logging is JDBC 4.0-compliant.
*All parameters and function results for JDBC calls can be logged.
*Logging can be enabled without changing the application.
When you enable DataDirect Spy for a connection, you can customize logging by setting one or multiple options for DataDirect Spy. For example, you may want to direct logging to a local file on your machine.
Once logging is enabled for a connection, you can turn it on and off at runtime using the setEnableLogging() method in the com.ddtek.jdbc.extensions.ExtLogControl interface. See "Troubleshooting Your Application" for information about using a DataDirect Spy log for troubleshooting.
* Enabling DataDirect Spy