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Retrieving Large Object Data
Note: LOB support (Blobs and Clobs) requires a Java SE 5 or higher JVM.
The following example uses Clob data; however, this procedure also applies to Blob data. This example illustrates only one of multiple ways in which LOB data can be processed.
1. From the Connection window menu, select Connection / Create Statement.
2. Select Statement / Execute Stmt Query.
3. Specify the Select statement that you want to execute.
Execute SQL Query window
4. Click Submit; then, click Close.
5. Select Results / Inspect Results. The Inspect Result Set window appears.
6. Click Next. Current Row changes to 1.
Inspect Result Set window with column, name, and type information
7. Deselect Auto Traverse. This disables automatic traversal to the next row.
8. Click Get Cell. Values are returned in the Get Cell Value field.
Inspect Result Set window with Get Cell Value information returned
9. Change the data type to Clob.
Inspect Result Set window
10. Click Get Cell. The Clob data window appears.
Clob Data window
11. Click Get Cell. Values are returned in the Cell Value field.
Clob Data window with Cell Value returned