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Using the Driver : DataDirect Test : DataDirect Test Tutorial : Retrieving Database Metadata

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Retrieving Database Metadata
1. From the Connection window menu, select Connection / Get DB Meta Data.
2. Select MetaData / Show Meta Data. Information about the JDBC driver and the database to which you are connected is returned.
Connection window showing returned meta data
3. Scroll through the Java code in the Java Code scroll box to find out which JDBC calls have been implemented by DataDirect Test.
Metadata also allows you to query the database catalog (enumerate the tables in the database, for example). In this example, we will query all tables with the schema pattern test01.
4. Select MetaData / Tables.
5. In the Schema Pattern field, type test01.
Get Tables window
6. Click Ok. The Connection window indicates that getTables() succeeded.
7. Select Results / Show All Results. All tables with a test01 schema pattern are returned.
Connection window with schema pattern results