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AppServer support in Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge : Tasks : Working with AppServer projects : Working with facets in an AppServer project
Working with facets in an AppServer project
When you create an AppServer project, additional natures, an AppServer module, and OpenEdge, AppServer, and ABL AppServer facets are added to the project.
Note: A nature (that allows the WTP server framework to add a module to a project) is hidden from your view, whereas a project facet is intended to be visible to and used by you. Installation of the facet creates the module. For more information about facets, modules, and natures, see the Web Tools Platform User Guide.
To use AppServer project facets:
1. Open the project's properties in one of the following ways:
*Select the project in the Project Explorer view, and then select File > Properties from the Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge menu bar.
*Right-click the project in the Project Explorer view, and then select Properties from the Context menu.
2. Select Project Facets from the list of properties displayed in the left pane.
Note: The Project Facets option is listed in the properties only if the facet nature has been installed in the project. Existing OpenEdge projects do not have project facets unless you migrate them to use facets.
The Project Facets page opens, with the OpenEdge and the AppServer facets listed and selected.
3. If you want to remove a facet and its module definition file, clear the facet check box and click Apply.
Note: You cannot remove the OpenEdge facet.
4. To reinstall the AppServer project facet, select it on the Project Facets page. The Further configuration available link appears near the bottom of the page.
5. Click the link. The Modify Faceted Project dialog box appears for the project.
6. Verify (or edit) the module name and the AppServer source folder name, and select the folders you want to publish.
7. To exit the project facet set up, click OK. Click Apply, and then click OK to close the Project Facets properties page.