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AppServer support in Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge : Tasks : Working with AppServer projects : Associating modules with servers
Associating modules with servers
You must associate the AppServer module or set of modules with the server before you can publish code to the server. You accomplish this from the Servers view.
1. From the Servers view, select the server for which you want to associate modules.
2. Right-click, and choose Add and Remove from the Context menu. The Add and Remove dialog appears and displays a list of available projects modules and another list of configured projects modules.
3. Select a project module from the Available list, and then click Add to move the module to the Configured list.
4. If you want to move all the available project modules, click Add All. To remove an individual project module, select it in the Configured list and click Remove. To remove all project modules from the Configured list, click Remove All.
5. You can also select the option to publish changes immediately upon the startup of the server.