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AppServer support in Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge

AppServer support in Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge

The AppServer™ is the core of OpenEdge application and integration services and is the engine for running ABL business logic that can be made available to application clients as application services. Essentially, the AppServer is an ABL runtime client that has no user interface but provides a means for client applications to call its ABL procedures and user-defined functions. Like most OpenEdge server products, it relies on the Unified Broker framework for configuration and administration.
The following enhancements for Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge (formerly known as Progress OpenEdge Architect) are now available for the AppServer:
*Support for remote publishing - Using OpenEdge Explorer, you can publish an application to a remote AppServer on a machine that is properly configured.
*Additional project functionality - You can associate a project with both AppServer and WebSpeed if the project contains the required facet.
The inclusion of runtime and project support for AppServers in OpenEdge Architect relies on the Eclipse Web Standard Tools (WST).
With AppServer support, you are able to:
*Create and publish an application to a local or remote AppServer, which allows you to test the application in an environment outside of the Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge workspace.
*Use OpenEdge Explorer to create and manage AppServer brokers.
You can also use OpenEdge Explorer to publish to a remote machine (minimum version OpenEdge 11.0 required). Additionally, you can access OpenEdge Explorer from within Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge.
*Create a custom publish directory for a local AppServer broker.
*Optionally compile as you publish, when publishing remotely.
*Create custom project types.
*Monitor all brokers from a single view.
With this release of Progress OpenEdge, Progress Explorer is no longer available.

Debugging support

Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge now supports debugging of remote and local AppServer instances. For more information, see AppServer and WebSpeed debugging.
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