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Introducing Progress DB Navigator : Tasks : Working with OpenEdge databases : Working with OpenEdge database user accounts : Viewing OpenEdge database user account information
Viewing OpenEdge database user account information
To view user account information, choose the Security node in the DB Structure view of a connected database. The Security tab appears in the DB Details view. Each row in the DB Details view represents either an authenticated user or a SQL privilege. Authenticated users are identified by the Account Type internal.
The DB Details view displays the following information for ABL-specific connections:
User ID
Either the user ID defined in the _User table or the user SQL authorization.
A user name defined in an ABL tool, such as Database Administration. Since there is no way of defining a user name in SQL, the field is blank for users created in DB Navigator.
Account Type
The value is internal if the account is for an authenticated user found in the _User table. Otherwise, the field is blank.
DBA Rights
The value is Yes if the user has DBA privileges.Users with DBA privileges have the ability to access, modify, or delete a database object and to grant privileges to other users. Only users with DBA privileges can use the Edit Schema wizards for maintaining the database.
Resource Rights
The value is Yes if the user has RESOURCE privileges. In SQL, RESOURCE privileges are limited compared to DBA privileges. Users with RESOURCE privileges can create database objects, but cannot modify or delete database objects. They cannot grant privileges to other users.
Note: See OpenEdge Data Management: SQL Development on the PSDN Product Documentation Web site for more information on managing SQL user accounts.