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Introducing Progress DB Navigator : Tasks : Working with OpenEdge databases : Working with OpenEdge database user accounts : Granting privileges to OpenEdge database user accounts
Granting privileges to OpenEdge database user accounts
Privileges are granted to a specific user ID. Once the user ID is established, an individual can log into the system using that user ID containing the granted privilege.
To grant privileges to a new user (one not already listed in the Security tab):
1. Connect to a database as a user who has DBA privileges.
2. Choose the Security node in the DB Structure view. The Security tab appears in the DB Detail view.
3. Click Add SQL Privilege in the Security tab. The Add SQL Privilege dialog appears.
4. Type a user ID. The user ID can contain a maximum of 32 characters and cannot contain any blanks.
5. Choose either DBA or RESOURCE privileges for the user. In SQL, DBA and RESOURCE are database-wide privileges that can be assigned to individual users. Users with DBA privileges have the ability to access, modify, or delete a database object and to grant privileges to other users. RESOURCE privileges are limited compared to DBA privileges. Users with RESOURCE privileges can create database objects, but cannot modify or delete database objects. They cannot grant privileges to other users.
6. Click Create. This generates, executes, and commits a SQL script. The new user appears in the list in the Security tab and is an authenticated user listed in the _User table.