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Introducing the ABL GUI Designer : Tasks : Working with objects : Viewing and editing code of an object
Viewing and editing code of an object
You might want to view the code section of an object instead of the complete code of the (.w) procedure file, when working with objects on the design window. This will be useful when you want to quickly add or edit a function, procedure, or trigger to an object.
Note: You cannot edit the auto-generated code of an AppBuilder file. The auto-generated code is read-only. See Read-only code sections of AppBuilder-generated code.
To view the code section of an object, double-click the object on the design window. The source view opens with the focus to the default trigger or event defined for the selected object. You can edit it.
If there is no trigger defined for an object, a default trigger section is created. You can define a trigger for an object.
Note: You must set the preferences to Edit source code in the AppBuilder Preferences page to open source view when you double-click an object. See AppBuilder preferences.
Alternatively, you can use the Outline view to go to specific places in the code. See Outline view.