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Introducing the ABL GUI Designer : Reference : Preferences page : AppBuilder preferences
AppBuilder preferences
The AppBuilder preferences page allows you to set general options of AppBuilder in Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge.
This page includes the following options:
When double-click on object
Specify to open the object Properties Sheet dialog or the edit code editor, when you double-click an object.
Note: On double-clicking a SmartObject, the Properties Sheet dialog opens even though the Edit code editor option is selected.
Default function data type
Specify a data type to a new function. The default value is Character.
Display these Advisors
Control the display of Progress Advisors. The following options are available:
*Currently activated - display only those Progress Advisors for which the Don't tell me this again check box is not selected.
*All - display all Progress Advisors.
*None - do not display any Progress Advisors. This is the default selected option.
Restore Defaults
Reset the preferences to the default values.
Apply the changes you made to the current workspace configuration.