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Introducing the ABL GUI Designer : Tasks : Working with the code : Renaming an internal procedure or function
Renaming an internal procedure or function
The Rename option allows you to rename an internal procedure or function which is defined in an AppBuilder (.w) procedure file. You can rename only a user-defined function or procedure. This option is applicable only with an AppBuilder (.w) procedure file.
While renaming a function or procedure, you must follow these rules:
*Name must be alphabetic or alpha-numeric.
*Name must start with an alphabet (Name cannot start with numeric or special character).
*Name cannot include special characters.
Note: You cannot rename a function or procedure which is auto-generated by AppBuilder.
To rename an internal procedure or function:
1. Open an AppBuilder (.w) procedure file with the ABL Editor.
2. Select a function or procedure name that you want to rename, and then right-click on the selection.
3. Do one of the following:
*From the right-click context menu, select Refactor > Rename.
*From the Source menu, select Refactor > Rename.
Note: The function or procedure name is highlighted with a message stating as: Enter a new name, and press Enter to rename.
4. Enter a name in the selection area.
5. Press Enter.
All the references of the selected function or procedure are updated with the specified name, including the instances which are part of the read-only code sections.