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Introducing the ABL GUI Designer : Reference : GUI Designer dialogs : SmartObject dialogs : SmartDataObject Wizard
SmartDataObject Wizard
The SmartDataObject Wizard allows you to create a SmartDataObject (SDO) object. You can use the wizard to define a query to retrieve data from the connected database, and define a set of field values to make available with the SmartDataObject you create.
Access the SmartDataObject wizard by choosing SmartDataObject in the Object Type list on the Create an ABL GUI procedure dialog.
The SmartDataObject Wizard is a five page wizard and includes the following options:
SmartDataObject Wizard - Page 1 of 5
Move to the next page of the wizard.
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Use SDO logic procedure
Select to specify the SmartDataObject's logic procedure that will contain the business logic.
Generate new DLP
Select to generate a new Data Logic Procedure (DLP) and associate with the SmartDataObject.
Note: In the Logic procedure file name field, specify a path where you want to save the new DLP.
Attach existing DLP
Select to associate an existing DLP with the SmartDataObject.
Note: In the Logic procedure file name field, specify the path of an existing DLP.
Logic procedure file name
Specify a path for the new DLP or a path of an existing DLP. Click Browse to select a different path for the new DLP or select for an existing DLP.
Use template
Specify a relative directory and filename for the new generated DLP.
Note: The Use template field is enabled only when the Generate new DLP option is selected.
Use NO-UNDO for RowObject
Select this option when defining RowObject temp table. It must be defined NO-UNDO, if BLOB or CLOB fields are included in the SmartDataObject.
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Define Temp-Tables
Open the Temp-Table Maintenance dialog which allows you to add, remove, and modify Temp-table definitions within your current procedure file. You can select tables in your TEMP-DB or tables in any existing database. You can also modify existing table schema by adding optional fields and indexes.
Define Query
Open the Query Builder dialog which allows you to define a query that you want to use in the SmartDataObject.
Note: If the query involves temp-tables, you must define them first using Define Temp-Tables.
Help on Queries
Open the help on the AppBuilder queries.
SmartDataObject Wizard - Page 4 of 5
Add Fields
Open the Column Editor dialog which allows you to add a list of fields to the SmartDataObject to make available to visualization objects.
Help on DataObject
Open the help on fields.
SmartDataObject Wizard - Page 5 of 5
Complete the wizard to create a SmartDataObject.
For more information, see Creating ABL GUI procedure files