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Introducing the ABL GUI Designer : Reference : GUI Designer dialogs : AppBuilder dialogs : Query Builder dialogs : Query Builder Dialog Box -- Table Mode
Query Builder Dialog Box -- Table Mode
The Query Builder dialog in the Table mode allows you to add and remove tables to the selected query.
Access this mode by selecting the Table option on the Query Builder dialog.
This dialog includes the following options:
Select a database from the list of connected databases.
Displays the Column Editor dialog which allows you to specify which fields to display in the browse on the design canvas.
Note: This option is only available when editing a query associated with a browse widget.
Available Tables
Displays the tables of the selected database. You can select tables to add to the Selected Tables & Joins section.
Add >>
Allows you to add selected tables to the Selected Tables & Joins list. These tables are included in the query that the GUI Designer creates.
<< Remove
Allows you to remove tables from the Selected Tables & Joins list.
Selected Tables & Joins
Displays the tables that are selected from the Available Tables with their join partners that you have created.
Allows you to select the table access mode for the defined query. The available options are: No-lock (the default), Share-lock, or Exclusive-lock.
Switch Join Partners
Select this option to change the table in the highlighted join.
Displays the query you are creating.
Select this option to enable INDEXED-REPOSITION. If you specify this option, OpenEdge attempts to optimize subsequent REPOSITION TO RECID operations on the query. (Only available for single table queries.)
Check Syntax Now
Select this option to have the compiler check the syntax of the query in its current state.
Check Syntax On OK
Select this option to have the compiler check the syntax of the query when you click OK .
Freeform Query
Displays the PROGRESS Advisor dialog which allows freeform editing of the query using the GUI Designer editor.