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Introducing Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge customization : Tasks : Setting customization preferences

Setting customization preferences

To open the Customization preferences page, select Window > Preferences > Progress > OpenEdge > Advanced > Customization. On this page, you can:
*Specify the Eclipse plugin containing the custom menu and toolbar definitions to be used. Generally, there is no need to change the default.
*Identify the locations in which you store custom templates.
Customization plugin
By default, menu, toolbar, template, and project type customizations are stored in a plugin named com.openedge.pdt.extensibility.user. It is possible to create and maintain additional plugins with different customization definitions. If you have multiple plugins, specify in the Customization plugin Id field the one in which you want to store changes that you make with the Customization Editor. The value in this field must correspond to a valid Eclipse plugin.
If multiple customization plugins are present, specifying one on the Customization preferences page does not disable the others. It just identifies the plugin in which subsequent changes are saved. The potential exists for conflicts in settings. To avoid problems, consider making only one customization plugin available to Eclipse at any given time.
Template directories
The location of any custom template you want to use must be in your Java class path. Selecting All open project directories, entering a specific location in the Template folder field, or both causes the specified directories to be added automatically to your class path. You cannot specify multiple directories in the Template folder field.