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Running and debugging ABL programs : Tasks : Using the Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge Debugger : Controlling program flow : Using breakpoints : Setting breakpoints : Setting a watchpoint
Setting a watchpoint
Setting a watchpoint breakpoint suspends execution when the value of a given variable, buffer field, object attribute, or object reference changes. Optionally, you can define a condition that must be satisfied in order for the breakpoint to be honored.To set a watchpoint breakpoint:
1. Open the New Breakpoint dialog by right-clicking in the Breakpoints view and selecting Add Breakpoint.
2. Select the Watchpoint tab.
3. In the Expression field, enter the name of the data element whose value you want to track.
4. Select the Add Watch option if you want to show this expression in the Expressions view.
Optionally, enter a condition statement. The Debugger will suspend execution only if the condition is true when the value changes for the specified expression.