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Running and debugging ABL programs : Reference : Debugger views : Expressions view
Expressions view
The Expressions view lists the values of variables that you have explicitly selected by creating watch expressions. It is synchronized with the stack trace, so that you can examine values at different points of execution. The Breakpoints view, the Variables view, and the Variable Details dialog include facilities for creating watch expressions.
Class variables and properties of a class type are expandable in the Expressions view. Arrays, buffers, temp-tables, datasets, and handle variables can also be used in the Expressions view and are expandable.
An object reference or handle not initialized cannot be expanded. Arrays, buffers, and temp-tables can be expanded even if they have not been initialized.
Private data members and properties are displayed for ABL objects. However, private data members and properties of .NET objects are not displayed.
The Debug perspective includes the Expressions view by default. To display it if is not open, select Window > Show View > Expressions.
Each entry label shows the expression and its current value, "Unavailable," or "(disabled)."
The following commands are available:
Collapse All
To collapse the display of all hierarchical data elements in the list, leaving only the top-level entities visible.
To delete currently selected watch expressions.
Remove All
To delete all watch expressions defined for the workspace.
The drop-down menu provides these options:
Lets you choose to display the information in the following ways:
*Vertical View Orientation
*Horizontal View Orientation
*Expression View Only