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Running and debugging ABL programs : Tasks : Using the Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge Debugger : Controlling program flow : Using breakpoints : Setting breakpoints : Setting an at-line breakpoint
Setting an at-line breakpoint
Setting an at-line breakpoint suspends execution at a specific point in the code. Optionally, you can define a condition that must be satisfied in order for the breakpoint to be honored. To set an at-line breakpoint:
1. To insert an unconditional breakpoint at a specific code line, you can simply double-click in the left margin next to that line in an ABL Editor window. Alternatively, with the cursor in the target line, right-click and select Toggle Breakpoint from the context menu. When you insert a breakpoint, a small blue circle () appears in the left margin.
2. To set a conditional breakpoint, or to set a breakpoint in a file that is not open for editing, use the New Breakpoint dialog as follows:
a. Open the New Breakpoint dialog by right-clicking in the Breakpoints view and selecting Add Breakpoint.
b. Select the At Line tab.
c. Enter the name of a procedure file that can be found in the project PROPATH, or the name of an internal procedure found in the project. You can leave the Procedure Name field blank if the file to which you are adding the breakpoint is open in the currently selected Editor window.
d. Enter the line number. You can leave the Line Number field blank to add the breakpoint at the first line of the specified procedure.
e. Optionally, enter a condition statement. The Debugger will suspspend execution at the breakpoint only if the condition is true at that time.
You can go quickly to the breakpoint location in an Editor window. Select an at-line breakpoint in the Breakpoints view, right-click, and select Go to File from the context menu.