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Running and debugging ABL programs : Tasks : Using the Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge Debugger : Controlling program flow : Using breakpoints : Selectively enabling breakpoints
Selectively enabling breakpoints
1. The Breakpoints view lists all breakpoints that are defined for the current workspace and for the files located outside the workspace. Each entry in the list has a checkbox. You can disable any breakpoint by clearing its checkbox, or re-enable it by checking it.
2. The context menu for the Breakpoints view provides a Select All command and Enable and Disable commands, which are useful for operating on the multiple breakpoints. Right-click in the Breakpoints view and select the appropriate command.
3. As a shortcut for disabling all breakpoints, click Skip All Breakpoints on the Breakpoints view toolbar. To re-enable the skipped breakpoints, click this button again. (Those breakpoints that are unchecked in the list remain disabled.)