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Running and debugging ABL programs : Reference : Debugger views : Breakpoints view
Breakpoints view
The Breakpoints view lists all breakpoints that are defined for the current workspace, including those set in procedures and projects that are not related to the application that you are debugging and for the files located outside the workspace. You can selectively enable or disable breakpoints for the current debugging session.
The Debug perspective includes the Breakpoints view by default. To display it if is not open, select Window > Show View > Debug > Breakpoints.
Each entry label shows the definition of a breakpoint. If the breakpoint is at an include file reference or is conditional, that information is appended to the label.
The following commands are available:
Remove Selected Breakpoints
To permanently delete currently selected breakpoints.
Remove All Breakpoints
To permanently delete all breakpoints defined for the workspace.
Skip All Breakpoints
To disable all breakpoints without deleting them.
The following commands are available only if the breakpoints are grouped:
Expand All
To expand all the items in the view.
Collapse All  
To collapse all the items in the view.
The drop-down menu provides these options:
Group By
Breakpoint Types
Breakpoint Working Sets
Resource Working Sets